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We only use professional high quality HD digital video cameras in our productions. We ensure you will get the best image and resolutions possible on any platform you show your video on.

Video Editing

With the use of top of the line cross compatible video editing software we are able to ensure fast, effective, and high quality editing techniques that will tell your story in the most unique way possible.

Audio Recording

Often forgotten or overlooked audio is the story behind the video, but don't worry we got you covered. With experience obtaining audio in a variety of different environments we will capture the sounds that bring your video to life.


Can i edit the files ?

Yes you can edit any original files we give you granted you have the appropriate software. If you prefer we only obtain RAW footage for you and you would like to take care of your own video editing we would be happy to accommodate your request. Please contact us and we can discuss more.

Where can i show my video?

You can show your video on any media platform your heart desires; Websites, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram are the most common. Don’t know if it will work for you? Contact us, we will find out. 

What kind of files do i get ?

You will be given .mov and .mp4 video files upon the completion of your video. Solo Audio files will be .wav format. We shoot video files in RAW format. Any and all files created during the process of your production are yours to keep after completion of the agreed production and upon request.

How do I open the files ?

Basic .mov and .mp4 files can be opened with simple common software such as quicktime player or similar video players. RAW and .wav files will need more advanced editing software and hardware.

Can i use only one of your services?

Yes of course. If you would like to use us for only cinematography, video editing, audio recording or some combination of the three please contact us and let us know.

How long does it take to make a video?

All depends on a number factors; location, equipment, schedules, video length, the list can go on. However keep in mind we handle all this for you and after a final pre-production meeting you will be given an estimated timeline and delivery date.