Motion Graphics

"Animation can explain whatever the mind of man can conceive."

-Walt Disney

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90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual motion.

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Animation conveys the vibe of your business 900% more effectively than a static image.

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After watching animated videos for businesses, 64% of users made a purchase

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Why Do I Need It?

A good logo design is crucial to the look, feel, and is the statement of your brand. It is why you spent so much money getting it designed in the first place. A video animation shows you are unique and it will leave a lasting impression in peoples minds. It captures so much attention that current research shows its one of the most effective tools for your brand awareness. They are the best way to tell a short story and story brings out emotions. Customers first buy with emotion then justify it later with rational arguments. It also shows you are up to date with the current times and trends, making you more appealing to others who are looking at you.

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After Effects
Motion Graphics Design
Golden Ratio


2D Logo Animaton

$ 349 +

1 - 5 Seconds
Sound Effects
Linear Branding
Small File Size

3D Logo Animation

$ 1399 +

1 - 10 Seconds
Sound Effects
Light Effects
Shadow Effects