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Its about you


Getting you to your personal and business goals through advanced techniques and strategies is how we help you win and keep winning.


We produce digital developments that achieve and overcome milestones that help you and your business expand and grow.


Our Clients

Who Are We

Cianic Media is a full service digital design and development agency specializing in custom website development, creative branding and digital content creation. 

Our Mission

Is to provide high quality digital design and development services at affordable fair prices. We enable individuals and businesses to get an edge in today’s advanced digital world.

What We Do

We make things simple. We will walk you through any and all of your website development and digital design needs. Designing and implementing creative concepts is what we love to do for you. 

Let's Make Something Awesome Together!

Tell Us About Your Project.

Our Process


We will speak to you regarding your initial idea, concept, and vision. We have the ability to meet with you via phone, video chat, web streaming, and in person. 


We will determine along with you the specific accomplishments and goals you are seeking in order to determine the exact scope of the project you require.


Based on our discovery and definition of your project we will design an aesthetically pleasing, user friendly, advanced, modern product that is in line with your vision and branding goals. 


We will develop your project using the worlds most advanced and industry leading technologies while keeping in mind and maintaining a personal touch. 


We will deploy 3 variations of the original design to you before finalization. You will be part of the decision making processes at this time and helping to fine tune your preferred aesthetic for the final delivery. 


Upon delivery your project will be given completely over to you. You own every aspect of the project and all rights are handed over to you.

Why Choose Us?

Our designs are made with industry leading software and with a personal creative hand. We design your logo and branding to match you and your business target audience. We specialize in simple yet detailed vector graphic designs that can be used and implemented on any media platform today. 

You are your brand and your brand is your business. It is essential that all three work in unison and balance. We ensure that your visual message gets across to your audience on all platforms that you may need. From business cards to flyers, social media, video intros, and any marketing material you may require, we ensure that those who see the content will undoubtably know it came from you.

Websites are the way of the future and they are here to stay. Know more than ever before we see the power and necessity of having your own personal online platform to sell, reach, communicate and expand on. Our website are simple, fast, effective, user friendly and respond on all smart devices as well as desktop platforms.

Website are hard and complicated right? Wrong. With us you have the ability to let us take care of all of your website needs now and in the future. With simple and affordable website support packages we will ensure your website stays on the cutting edge far into the future. 

We only use the highest quality cameras and video production techniques in our videos. Our owner has a passion for film and video production industry and does not accept anything less than the absolute best for our clients. We will make sure your video is of the highest quality and standard on all of your marketing and media platforms.

The world of social media and marketing changes on a daily basis. What was in is now obsolete and dated. Here at Cianic we make sure our clients are always at the forefront and in tune with the times and the trends of todays modern digital space. Facebook, Instagram, Indeed, and Google integration for your business is essential for todays fast paced low attention span customers. We are here to help you catch them all.